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Original Walk In Shower

This Walk In Shower is original concept (another first from us) allows elderly or disabled to easily sit down from outside the shower onto the fixed seat and then simply lift their legs onto the tray before sliding across safely into the shower. This takes away the need and effort to step onto the shower tray.

Because of this simple but effective design, the tray does not have to be recessed into the floor to provide level access, thus saving cost and installation time. It is made to fit directly onto the "footprint" of any normal bath from 150cms (5ft) to 180cms (5ft 11ins) length and so installation is straightforward and is normally done in a single day.

Click on the video to see how easy the Original Walk In Shower is to use.

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, the perfect shower for every member of the family.

Shower Design Features  

  • One day installation
  • Simple, effective design
  • Wide Entrance
  • No need for recessed tray
  • Full or half height glass doors
  • Simple, easy to use controls
  • Adjustable Shower Head
  • Grab Bars
  • Fits existing bath area

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