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Bath Lifts

Bath lifts provide an excellent bathing solution for those with bathing problems who do not want to spend a lot of money changing their bathrooms.

There are 3 main types of bath lift:

  1. The belt which fixes across the bath from the wall down to the floor.
  2. The folding chair which is placed in the bath.
  3. The inflatable cushion type which is placed into the bath.

We feel the belt system is by far the best as:

  1. It lowers the bather right down to the bottom of the bath.
  2. It does not get in the way of the bather when it is being used.
  3. The bather can fully recline as normal.
  4. The belt simply fully rewinds back into the machine, leaving the bath totally free for anyone else to use.

Comfortlift Bath Lift

Bath Lift

So the belt type bathlift is superior but what makes the Comfortlift better than others?

  • IAn attractive, slim case which allows it to be out of the way of the bather whether or not it is being used.
  • All metal parts are stainless steel and the case is ABS plastic – no rust.
  • It can be fitted left or right handed.
  • Remote control and 2 sets of touch controls on the casing.
  • Ultra lightweight battery made of lithium, 2/3 smaller than other models allowing fitting close to end wall. No mains connection.
  • Only needs charging every 20-30 uses with the phone type charger.

Comfort and safety

  • The Comfortlift will easily cope with a 20 stone weight.
  • The Comfortlift is shower proof so you do not need to fit a plastic shower cap over it if someone takes a shower!
  • There is a built in temperature indicator for the water so you can make sure you will not scald yourself.
  • Fitted belt slide so that you can comfortably stay in a central upright position when descending and ascending.
  • Simple but effective lock on the floor clip prevents accidental release
  • The Comfortlift belt stops automatically at both the top and the bottom of the bath and cannot overwind the belt system.

pay no money first!

  1. Order now and we will come to fit by appointment. 
  2. Our fitter will inspect your bath and assess suitability. 
  3. Our fitter will offer it in position and show you. 
  4. If you like it we will fit it there and then – no waiting.

Only then do you pay.

All for £1195.00! (ex VAT) 

NB.Anyone who physically needs to use a bathlift will not have to pay the VAT.

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